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What should be considered in construction financing?

A needs-based and individual construction financing, which is adapted to the personal as well as financial framework conditions of a customer, is not simply "off the shelf. For a really good construction financing, numerous aspects must be considered, which go far beyond the loan interest rate. The following guide contains numerous tips and tricks on the subject of construction financing and also mentions some topics which should be treated with attention in the course of financing advice.

Fixed interest rates and interest rate hedging – (not) a question of mentality

If you are looking for construction financing in the current era of low interest rates, you can truly consider yourself lucky. The historic interest rate low ensures that the repayment portion of the monthly installment is higher than ever before, so that annual repayments of 2.00% or 3.00% are easily possible directly at the start of financing.

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What to do when homeowners insurance gets too expensive?

homeowner's insurance-too expensive

Buying a new apartment or house is a significant financial outlay, so it's not surprising that young property owners want to save first after making such an investment. Homeowners insurance is out of the question for many young homeowners. For some homeowners, insurance premiums are also becoming too expensive. This is why it is voted out in some cases. Is that so clever? Not everyone needs household insurance?

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What is the difference between Vollksko and Teilkasko??

In Germany, there are three relevant types of insurance for motorists: motor liability insurance, which is compulsory, partial cover and fully comprehensive insurance, which is voluntary. Liability insurance covers damage to other people and vehicles in the event of (unintentional) accidents. But what exactly are partial and fully comprehensive insurance good for, what are the differences between them and what affects the amount of insurance to be paid?

Damage to your own vehicle

Both comprehensive insurances cover, regardless of the differences, in principle damages to the own vehicle, which have not been caused by a direct, classical accident. The motor vehicle liability insurance cannot take effect here, because nature, animals and weather are now once not liable, and there are therefore the comprehensive insurances. Exceptions are man-made losses and damages where the responsible person cannot be found, for example in case of theft or hit-and-run accidents.

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What lies the collection agencies spread

Many people overestimate the activities and possibilities of collection agencies. It's not as often described on TV: a collection agency can't do more than the creditor themselves. Ø Reading time: approx. 5 min.

  • 1. Lie: if you do not pay, the debt collection will come
  • 2. Lie: they look around at your home, what they can get
  • 3. Lie: the bailiff comes and takes away your TV set
  • 4. Lie: Schufa entry: no more cell phone contract
  • 5. Lie: the credit for the property is in danger
  • 6. Lie: one is not promoted
  • 7. Lie: if you do not pay, you will go to jail
  • 8. Lie: if you don't pay, the employee will fare badly
  • 9. Lie: if you do not pay, you will get more calls
  • 10. the trick with the installment payment
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Collection agencies like to threaten with various phrases that sound insanely bad at first. But what is in each case to the threats? And under what conditions they can be made true?

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The lure of low interest rates

Provide for old age and benefit today: With the current low interest rates, it actually makes sense to think about buying an owner-occupied property – often you don't have to transfer more money monthly to your bank for the purchase than to your landlord. However, buying real estate also has risks and should be well considered. You can find an overview of relevant aspects here. If you have decided to invest, the second step is to put the financing on a secure footing.

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Between return and risk: How sensible is a real estate investment??

Real estate prices are climbing steadily in many places. There are currently no signs of an end to the boom, because demand exceeds supply in many regions of Germany. Interest rates are historically low and are likely to remain so for the time being. Real estate is therefore equally suitable as a capital investment and retirement provision. But not every property is suitable.

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