Bathroom renovation made easy

Bathroom renovation is not usually a priority among the general public, although many people do not consider their bathrooms to be completely functional or attractive. Most often, a proper renovation is done when a person is over 55 years old – perhaps to make the bathroom age-appropriate. A distinction is made between bathroom renovation, bathroom modernization and bathroom refurbishment, each of which involves different levels of effort and cost.

bathroom © 99.films CC0 Public Domain Somewhat modern and attractive, but by no means age-appropriate. The shower would have ample space for people with walking disabilities, but the step may present an insurmountable hurdle.

How the bathroom can be transformed

There are three categories of bathroom changes: The bathroom renovation, the bathroom modernization and the bathroom renovation.

Bathroom renovation: renovating the bathroom usually doesn't require much money to be spent, and the expense is also limited. Minor damage from wear and tear is repaired. This can be a renewal of silicone joints, the replacement of siphons or the replacement of individual, broken tiles. Individual sections are being restored or renovated, i.e., a sink is being replaced or a new shower door is being installed. Fresh wall paint, new curtains or a change in shower rugs and bathroom furniture can make the whole room look renewed.

Bathroom modernization: this is where old technology is specifically replaced with new technology. This is often done when the shower is replaced. The old shower tray to get into could be exchanged for a floor-level shower here. This will involve extensive tiling and flooring work. The expenditure is larger, often a specialized craftsman is needed and the costs are higher.

Bathroom renovation: here, renovation and modernization are done at the same time, basically replacing the entire bathroom. The extensive and cost-intensive measures involve shower and tub, vanity and sink, toilet and bidet, as well as floor and wall tiles.

It is therefore not surprising that younger people invest their disposable income in vacations, consumption, entertainment or their own children. Older people, on the other hand, who have saved some money, usually prepare from about 55 years to be able to live in their own four walls even in old age well.

Cost, age, and renovation measures are wonderfully clear in the following infographic, where various facts and data about bathroom renovation are put together.


If you can't or don't want to wait until old age to renovate your bathroom, you can enjoy a chic and fully functional bathroom sooner with a renovation loan.

What questions to answer before making a bathroom change

The bathroom is a very complex space compared to the bedroom. Because various connections for cold and hot water and sewage must be planned: The shower, bathtub and washbasin, as well as the toilet, need fresh water and a wastewater connection.

Floors and walls also have to come to terms with a lot of moisture, so unlike in the home, tiles play a major role. The room must be heated by underfloor heating or a radiator regularly strong to keep the humidity in check. In damp, cold bathrooms mold threatens quickly. In parallel, it must be possible to control humidity regulation via controlled ventilation or, even better, a window.

Light can come in naturally and inexpensively in the bathroom to some extent through windows, while electric lights provide really good visibility. So builders should be able to answer the following questions before starting work:

  • How will the room be heated or. How will it be heated in the future?
  • How to ensure aeration and deaeration?
  • What form of lighting is needed?

Only then can one consider the style in which the bathroom should be designed. Timelessly elegant and simple in white or romantic and playful, colorful and expressive – the imagination knows no bounds when it comes to bathroom furniture and details.

Those seeking extensive redevelopment may also question current use. Is the bathtub actually used often, or could the space be used for a spacious shower with floor-level access? If you love wellness and can create the right conditions for it in your own bathroom? Bathtubs with whirlpool function are no longer a rarity, as well as Rainshower showers with changing colors. Perhaps there is also space for a small sauna in a large bathroom, so that you do not have to spend more money in saunas and spas for this wellness break.

Choose a good financing instead of going without

In many cases, a look at the available budget ensures that again and again only small renovation works are carried out instead of an extensive renovation. However, it may be wise to take out a dedicated loan and pay it off gradually.

Hardly anyone buys a car or a house from his savings. Loans and financing ensure that one already has the benefit and can gradually cover the costs.

A so-called renovation loan is granted only under certain conditions. Because a loan of this type must have as its goal to increase the value of housing, reduce energy consumption, or else to make the premises suitable for the disabled and the elderly.

If this is not the case, a loan can simply be taken out for free use. In addition, there are, for example, state subsidy options if the heating system is also to be renewed as part of the bathroom renovation.

Those who extensively renovate their bathroom with one or more skilled craftsmen, the offer or estimate can determine what amount of credit is needed. The current low interest rates ensure that you hardly have to pay back more money than is needed for the refurbishment. The shorter the term, i.e. the period of repayment, is chosen, the more attractive the terms of financing will be. Choosing the right financing can ensure that you benefit from the impeccable bathroom for years to come and don't have to save up the costs for it first.