Borrow money without proof of income

"Bernhard, I urgently need a loan without proof of income", I receive these requests more and more often. If you want to borrow money without proof of income, it can be very frustrating.

I myself was in the same situation years ago. How I managed to get a loan without proof of income! And how you can also borrow money without income today.

My experience on this, as well as all the practical ways you can get a loan without income, can be found here in 5-minutes at a glance.

Loan without work

Who can lend me money even if I am unemployed? Or as a student, housewife or freelancer? How can I borrow money without having to provide proof of income??

If you want to apply for a loan without proof of income and guarantor, then you should know where you can borrow money without proof of salary. In addition, you should know what you need to pay attention to get a 24h credit without proof of income.

A reputable provider who can help you in this situation can be found here.

Borrow money without proof of income – this is how it works

Here now more about the loan without income certificate. For most people quick loans are nothing unusual. Whether looking for a lightning loan without proof of income or a Swiss loan without proof of income.

More and more people need more money and are looking for a simple, fast and easy solution to borrow money online!

It was the same for me a few years ago. I moved from Austria to Germany, had lived in the USA for several years and was unemployed when I moved. I was a self-employed graphic designer at the time and I was in need of a loan without proof of income.

My experience of this was not great when I arrived in Munich. All conventional banks had rejected my credit request because I could not prove sufficient creditworthiness.

Credit without credit check

So there I was in Munich with my family and I had to figure out how to get a loan without proof and guarantor.

The beginning of my search was very frustrating. All conventional banks had rejected my loan request with the reason that my creditworthiness would not be sufficient. The question that needed to be addressed was now perfectly clear.

How can I get a loan without a credit check?

There had to be some way to get a loan without a credit check. Even if I needed the money only for a short time. And if it does not work with the traditional banks. Then I have to find out how to borrow money without a bank.

I was ready to many. But still. I did not want to borrow money illegally in any way but try to find the best and easiest alternatives to a conventional bank loan.

How I still managed to get money, the best chances and possibilities that you can use immediately. Here now my experiences and suitable solutions to it.

Borrow money without Schufa and proof of income

But it is much more complicated to get money if you are unemployed and at the same time your creditworthiness is poor. In such a situation it is difficult to get a loan without income from conventional banks.

An alternative to this is to borrow money without Schufa. I myself was in the same financial situation a few years ago. And I did not know if borrowing money without proof of salary would work at all.

So what to do? Is it possible to get a loan without a bank?? And if so, how and where to apply for an instant loan without proof of income? How only can I borrow money without income and other collateral?

The good news first. It is absolutely possible to get money even if you have no work or. does not have a job. After many failures and dozens of rejections from banks, however, I had figured out what I needed to do to get a loan without a pay stub as well.

Getting a loan without income

There I was in Munich with my children – without money and without a job. It was truly not funny and the naked fear drove me in the bones. I had to borrow money immediately without proof of income – but all the banks had rejected my loan request.

Borrowing money without a job & without work seemed to have become almost impossible for me. But I knew there had to be a solution to my financial plight.

What do students who do not have a job and still get a lightning loan without having to provide evidence?

Loan as a student without income

Borrow money without income

I knew that some friends of mine were at university. And no matter if your cell phone was financed with an installment payment or a friend of mine got a 500 Euro loan without proof of income.

As a student it was probably possible to borrow money more easily. But all this did not help me, because I was not a student but I still needed an instant loan without proof of income.

Quick money loan without proof of income

I realized very quickly that it could not go on like this. I mean, I knew I couldn't get angry about why some people got a loan without a fixed income from a bank.

My requests were always shot down. I had to find out how the other people did it. How could you get instant cash without proof of income, but I couldn't?

The solution to this problem lies in the application process. How to apply for a loan without having an income and what exactly I had to keep in mind?

I had found out two essential points which decided whether I could borrow money without income or not.

  1. The choice of a suitable lender
  2. The selection of the suitable credit type

Who lends me money privately?

No matter whether it should be the admission of a loan or a fast small credit. As a rule, financing is not a problem if you have a regular income and can prove to the bank that you can pay the loan installments without any problems.

But how does it behave if one is urgently in need of money, but has no income? And what should you definitely consider when you want to apply for an instant loan?

What options are there to borrow money quickly and easily in this case?

Students, housewives and the unemployed are just some of the groups of people who encounter this problem.

Borrow money online: How Is This Even Possible?

When it comes to getting a loan or a small credit without a fixed income, it becomes difficult to borrow money from conventional banks. Commercial banks usually have a rigid procedure when it comes to a small loan. Especially if you do not have a regular income. So what to do?

First the good news. Borrowing money without income is absolutely possible. Because I was also in the same situation and managed to get money the same day without income!

I was myself in the situation where I needed money fast. And my house bank was too cumbersome and the process of granting a loan simply took much too long.

I did not want and could not wait weeks to get money. So I went on the Internet to find private financial service providers, where I could quickly borrow money privately!

Where can I borrow money quickly?

For example, if you want to take out a loan as a housewife without income, then you can use this option. One advantage is that neither salary slips nor other proof of income are required when applying for a loan.

Fortunately, there is no uniform regulation – so each private lender can decide for themselves whether they want to grant a loan. Borrowing money without proof of income is taboo for most banks. But not for private lenders.

The requirements for a private loan are usually easier than those from a bank. And if you get an offer, then of course it is important to read and understand the conditions.

What you should know if you want to borrow money without income!

In most cases, it is a so-called mini loan, which is only valid up to a certain amount and is fully paid off in a few months.

This also applies if you want to apply for a loan as a self-employed person. However, it must be taken into account: If the bank does not require proof of income, the interest rate is usually much higher. And also very often there are additional fees to pay for the processing and execution of the loan.

And even if you want to borrow money without income, it is the same. Thus, not only a classic credit institution earns on it, but of course also private Kaptialgeber.

Basically, for all loans without a fixed income, all the information you enter in the application form must be true. Otherwise, of course, it can happen that the loan is terminated without notice and the outstanding installments must be repaid immediately.

Who lends money to students?

For the majority of students in Germany, studying is a significant financial hurdle that can only be overcome with support or a part-time job.

And even then, deficits often remain. Because studies are always the top priority, there is often far too little time to pursue sideline activities.

Getting money without taking out a loan seems to be almost impossible for many students. As a rule, you need an income for a loan!

Banks have for students seemingly your offer something slept away. Fortunately, private lenders have suitable products for this target group.

Students approach me again and again with the question: Where can you borrow money if not at the bank??

What do banks require as collateral?

Every bank will demand a certain amount of security from its customer if one urgently wants to borrow money and asks: Who can lend me money today?? Because a small loan without proof of income reduces its own risk in the event of non-payment.

How can I borrow money quickly as an unemployed person? ?

People who want to borrow cash immediately without income can usually get this much easier if they can show collateral. This could z.Example. the car, a life insurance, an own house or also a savings account with a long term be.

While the bank provides the money, the corresponding goods are, so to speak, a "pledge", which one cedes to the bank – after the loan has then been fully paid off, the collateral comes back into the possession of the customer. Under these conditions, borrowing money from banks without income is also possible.

Other options are a guarantee or even private money lenders. In this case, you include a second person in the loan agreement who has a good credit rating and is liable for the loan debt in the event of your own insolvency.

Tip: You should know your own creditworthiness. Read more about how you can request a free Schufa self-disclosure in just 3 minutes.

Borrow money and pay today – Who lends money or. where can I borrow money?

If it is really possible, you can still borrow money from private persons today? The good news right away. Yes, it is possible to get cash within 24 hours. However, banks rarely have their fingers in the pie – rather, it is a matter of private credit intermediaries who are represented in Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein or Austria.

If you want to borrow money quickly and easily from private lenders, then you can fall back on some reputable providers on the Internet. With suitable lenders you can borrow money in the short term without having to prove your income.

This is called a "lightning loan" – you can borrow a small amount of money within a few hours.Example. Borrow 500 euros. It is therefore an immediate small loan without proof of income.

The only catch: usually the interest rates for an instant loan are relatively high. Because of course must be considered: This type of credit is also a financial risk for each private lender – if the customer has no income, the risk of default is also significantly higher.

Who gives me private money?

Borrow money for unemployed & Co.: Beware of dubious providers !

You should be especially careful if you want to borrow money online. So be careful when signing a contract. Unwanted additional products such as savings contracts or even insurance policies are not uncommon here.

In this case, the providers usually proceed according to a brazen scam: If one is urgently looking for a lender, one often overlooks the small print in the hurry. So it can be that you sign something that you actually did not want at all.

So always be on your guard and always read the contracts completely and carefully – even if the time should be pressing once. In principle, there are also loans for unemployed people – but you should be aware that these groups of people are particularly closely examined by the bank.

And of course, private lenders also check your Schufa score and your creditworthiness. Nevertheless, thanks to reputable private lenders, borrowing money without income is also possible. Financing is definitely a hurdle here, since no regular income is achieved.

10.000 Euro loan without proof of income

In this case, the bank assumes that repayment is in danger, which is why the credit rating or possible collateral will be intensively scrutinized.

It is clear that the unemployed must meet the same requirements for a loan as a group of people with a fixed income! A German bank account and a German primary residence must be available.

Regular income can also be confirmed by the employment agency if one receives social benefits. Perhaps there is someone in your family or circle of acquaintances who can help you out with a short-term loan.

If one has a financial bottleneck and z.Example. needs a 500 euro loan without proof of income? Lending money to friends is something that is often done and therefore quite legitimate.

Get money without credit

For one, of course, this would be a much safer option, which would also be cheaper at the same time. Because in most cases you have in the family and friends no interest at all.

In addition, one does not have to reckon immediately with legal consequences with kurzfrisgen payment problems! Of course, even with personal loans it is always a written contract about the repayment to set up. A loan contract is advantageous for both sides!

Credit in 1 hour on account without Schufa

I have already received many requests which I always try to explain as quickly and simply as possible. But nevertheless I would like to say that some inquiries nevertheless somewhat the framework of the feasible go beyond.

Why? Some requests I receive go in the direction of whether also eni credit in 1 hour on the account is transferred, and that too without Schufa query.

One must also leave the church in the village and understand that providers who promise you without Schufa query and without any collateral, without proof of income and without credit check are just good at knocking advertising slogans.

But nothing else. Of course, I can also place a classified ad and advertise that you can get an instant payout. And that the loan in 1 hour on the account is without Schufa query and that borrowing money without paperwork works.

But still. This remains probably rather an advertising slogan and has little to do with reality.

If you want to borrow money quickly, then reputable direct banks and reputable private lenders are still the best place to start. And the best providers you will find in my free premium list. Access you will find immediately on my resources page.

Where can I get a loan without proof of income and guarantor?

Selected direct banks and private lenders also offer the possibility of a loan without proof of income and guarantor to obtain. Download free my premium list of selected providers.

How do I get a 24h loan without proof of income?

Direct banks have specialized in offering a 24h loan without proof of income. You can find the best online banks in my free premium list.

Where can I apply for a loan without a salary certificate?

A loan without wage certificate can be applied for at selected direct banks. Providers who have specialized in it findestest in my free premium list.

Where can I get a lightning loan without proof of income??

A lightning loan without proof can be applied for at selected direct banks. A list of the best providers can be downloaded for free on my resources page.

Where can I apply for a loan without work?

Selected direct banks as well as private lenders grant under certain conditions also a loan without work. A list of the best providers you will find free download on my resources page.

Where can I apply for a Swiss loan without Schufa with instant approval?

There are selected swiss online banks where you can apply for a swiss loan without Schufa. An instant approval or but a loan rejection is usually announced immediately after application.

Where can I download a money lending private contract?

A money lending private contract you can also find on my resource page to download for free.