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Important criteria for the loan contract

The loan agreement is the document that contains – or should contain – all aspects related to a loan. But what is particularly important here and on which sticking points should be absolutely paid attention to? The criteria, of course, begin well before the signature, because every borrower should be aware of one thing: Once the ink, whether digital or analog, is dry, that loan agreement applies down to the last detail. But what exactly matters?

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Renovating an apartment: Well planned is half won

An apartment with a section of a picture before a renovation and a section after the renovation

If you want to renovate your home, you should plan this undertaking carefully. Depending on the type of renovation work, everyday life in the apartment is at least temporarily affected. Landlords are obliged to carry out certain renovation work, while tenants need permission if they want to renovate themselves. Owners are also not allowed to carry out any measures that conflict with building law or the protection of historical monuments. What constitutes housing renovation and what needs to be considered from the owner, tenant and landlord side, you can read here.

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What to do when homeowners insurance gets too expensive?

homeowner's insurance-too expensive

Buying a new apartment or house is a significant financial outlay, so it's not surprising that young property owners want to save first after making such an investment. Homeowners insurance is out of the question for many young homeowners. For some homeowners, insurance premiums are also becoming too expensive. This is why it is voted out in some cases. Is that so clever? Not everyone needs household insurance?

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Top 3 stocks to buy in times of high interest rates

Crispus is a financial analyst at Invezz, covering the stock, cryptocurrency and foreign exchange markets. He is an experienced analyst… read more.

  • The Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates dramatically in 2022
  • Some companies will benefit in this new normal environment
  • BancFirst, Discover Financial and Texas Capital Bank stand to benefit

Interest rates will rise parabolically in the coming months as the Fed tries to lower inflation. In a statement Tuesday, Lael Brainard said the bank is also likely to begin quantitative tightening (QT) as it seeks to reduce its balance sheet. Here are some of the best stocks to buy when interest rates are high.

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How much equity do you need to buy a rented condominium??

When it comes to financing a rental property, we hear time and time again that buyers "for tax reasons" don't want to put down equity or. so little equity ". as absolutely necessary. " want to use. But does it really make sense not to use equity capital? How much of your own money is actually necessary and sensible when buying a rented apartment?

Equity in buying a rental condo shutterstock 404836543

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The lure of low interest rates

Provide for old age and benefit today: With the current low interest rates, it actually makes sense to think about buying an owner-occupied property – often you don't have to transfer more money monthly to your bank for the purchase than to your landlord. However, buying real estate also has risks and should be well considered. You can find an overview of relevant aspects here. If you have decided to invest, the second step is to put the financing on a secure footing.

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Interest rate development 2022 – Forecast for the second half of the year

Interest development 2022 - building loan interest in the historical comparison still favorably

The capital market is on the move. After interest rates had remained at historically low levels for almost 10 years, the interest rate development in 2022 shows a surprisingly strong upward trend, which has surprised even all experts. At the beginning of the year 2022 also the respectable commentators meant that building money will settle by the end of the year with maximally 3 per cent. This predicted 3 percent has now already been reached in the middle of the year. Naturally, this raises the question of how the interest rates for building loans will develop in the third quarter. and 4. Further development in the second quarter of 2022.

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