Fixed deposit comparison: Find the best fixed deposit offers

With our interactive time deposit comparison, you can find the perfect time deposit account with the best conditions in just a few moments!

How does the time deposit comparison work??

First of all, you can specify your parameters, so that you can find the call money account that suits you and your needs best. In our call money calculator there are the following parameters:

1. Investment amount

The investment amount is the sum you want to invest. In the case of your time deposit account, this amount is also directly related to your earnings. The more money you invest, the more return you get.

2. investment period

With a time deposit account, as the name suggests, you invest your money on a fixed basis. At the beginning you determine your investment period. In your comparison you have the choice of different time periods, from one month to 120 months.

Up to an investment period of twelve months, a call deposit account may make more sense due to its flexibility. Here you can go directly to our overnight deposit comparison.

Rule of thumb (exceptions prove the rule): The longer the investment period, the higher your return will be, as the banks can then plan and work with your money over the long term. At a certain point, however, you will see that this rule of thumb is reversed, as banks are currently reluctant to promise a certain interest rate for too long.

3. Country Rating

The country rating determines the creditworthiness of the different countries. The country credit rating gives you as an investor an indication of how safely your money is invested in a country.

For your comparison, you can choose between the best credit rating (AAA), a very good credit rating (AA+ to AA-) or all credit ratings. Note that the deposit insurance (more on this in a moment) is also related to the stability of a country. So it makes little sense to blindly rely on the deposit insurance of a very risky rated country.

4. Deposit protection

What happens to your invested money if the bank of your time deposit account is insolvent?? In order to protect investors from this eventuality, there is the deposit protection scheme. It applies to the European Union up to an amount of 100 euros.000 euros per customer and bank.

This means that you can also open a time deposit account with banks in the EU and invest your money. This protection is regulated by the German Deposit Guarantee and Investor Compensation Act (Einlagensicherungs- und Anlegerentschadigungsgesetz). All banks licensed in the EU must be members of a compensation scheme.

The following therefore applies to consumers: Balances on savings accounts are protected up to 100.000 euros secured, as long as the country as a whole does not get into difficulties. Also pay attention to the country rating (see above).

In your comparison you decide either for providers with a German deposit guarantee or for all providers, i.e. without restrictions.

4. Compare time deposits

Then click on "Compare fixed-term deposits" and we will show you the best matches according to your individual specifications.

Time deposit comparison: What can I find in the table??

After you have entered all the individual factors, you can take the table the time deposit recommendations for your needs. We explain to you what exactly you are shown.


Here you can see the name and logo of the fixed deposit provider in this line, e.g. SWK Bank or GRENKE. This way you can quickly identify, select or deliberately skip known providers.


Up to five stars can be achieved for the star rating. This rating is made up of transparency, service, recommendations from other customers and online banking.

In addition, you can see how many people actually participated in the rating by the number next to the figure.


If a provider offers you a bonus for your application, you will find the information directly under the star rating.

Deposit insurance

The flag shows you at a glance which deposit guarantee it is. This can be Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden or Austria, for example. Click on the small "i" to find out how much of your investment is covered by the deposit guarantee.


The yield is the return in percent, which you earn with the invested money within the time chosen by you.


Depending on how high your investment amount is and how long your investment period is, your return will change. For example, if you deposit 20.000 for 60 months at 1.2 percent, your return will be 1 percent.200 euros.

Test seal

If you see a small picture next to your yield, you can move your mouse over it and look at the test seal. How to get a better impression of the provider.

Time deposit comparison test seal

Fixed deposit comparison: How to get to the provider

A provider has aroused your interest and you would like to convince yourself now? Then you can click on the "To provider" button to go directly to the provider of your choice and open your time deposit account in a few minutes.

Fixed deposit comparison: What must a good fixed deposit account offer??

This time deposit comparison compares the individual time deposit providers on the basis of costs and ratings. Here we would like to give you a few additional tips that are important when choosing your time deposit account.


Each time deposit has, as the name suggests, a fixed term. In this time deposit period, the money can not be accessed, but you also have the advantage that in this time the interest rate fixed at the beginning can not be changed.

If you are looking for the best time deposit offers within an account, you can look at Zinspilot or WeltSparen, for example.

Fixed deposit interest

This is the interest that is credited to you for lending your money to a bank as part of the fixed-term deposit investment. As a rule, the interest is paid out together with the investment amount at the end of the term of your time deposit.

The advantage of fixed-term deposits is that the interest rate is fixed for the entire term of the investment and is therefore not subject to interest rate fluctuations. So, especially in an ever-decreasing interest rate environment, it can be to your advantage to secure good interest rates for as long as possible (if you can do without the money in the period).

Minimum investments

You open your time deposit account exclusively to manage your time deposit investment. Unlike your checking account, your time deposit account is not for transactions. The desired investment amount is transferred once and then remains in the fixed deposit account throughout the term of the deposit. For this reason, there are usually required minimum investments of z.B. 1.000 Euro.

If you enter a sum that you would like to invest in our comparison calculator, you will see with which providers this sum is permitted. How to find z.B. no provider who accepts only 100 euros in a time deposit account – but the higher the amount, the more you can earn.

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