Health network – even more say

After the dialog evenings with the population, the evaluation of the consultation and the discussions with the parties, the participation of the population in the Gesundheitsnetz Kusnacht AG will be strengthened once again.

The voters can now vote at the community meeting on whether or not the annual report and the annual financial statement of GNK AG should be approved by the community council. The municipal council has set the date for the vote for 18… June 2023 set. The individual initiative will also be voted on at this date.

100 percent community ownership

With the networking of all services under the umbrella of the Health Network Kusnacht, the municipality has taken the first step towards modern old-age and health care. As in other municipalities in Switzerland and the canton of Zurich in particular, the "Gesundheitsnetz Kusnacht" is now to be made independent, in the form of a non-profit public limited company. This is committed to the common good and the public service. It is not profit-oriented, and the shares remain 100 percent in the ownership of the municipality of Kusnacht.

Important concerns taken over

The community council has taken important concerns from the public and incorporated them into the documents. Health director Susanne Schubiger-Munger says: "Today we have a proposal from the people for the people. The good old-age and health care in Kusnacht is thus also secured for future generations."

Approval of the population is necessary

In the consultation process it became clear that a strong say of the voting population in the annual report and the annual financial statement of the Gesundheitsnetz Kusnacht AG is desired. The municipal council has taken up this request and decided that the municipal assembly should vote on whether the municipal council as shareholder representative may approve the annual report and the annual financial statement of GNK AG. The audit commission can examine the business in advance and make its recommendation on it.

Representation by advisory council

One of Kusnacht's unique features is the advisory board, which represents the interests and needs of the population and maintains a regular exchange with the board of directors and the executive board. The local council takes into account the request formulated by the interest groups to draw up the regulations for the advisory council before the ballot is held.

Keeping it solid at 40 percent

Further, the proposal was introduced to increase the authority of the municipal council to grant loans from the originally envisaged Fr. 40 million. by half to Fr. 20 million. to lower. This demand has been taken over by the local council. It corresponds to the regulation, as it is already foreseen by the communal order for the Netzanstalt Kusnacht. In addition, the capital structure is to be kept solid with an equity ratio of 40 percent.

Preparation of the ballot

The date for the ballot has been set by the municipal council to 18. June 2023 set. On this date, a vote will also be taken on the individual initiative "The old age sector is not a joint stock company – old age concerns everyone". Since the spin-off bill of the municipal council and the individual initiative are mutually exclusive, the vote will take place by means of a run-off question.

In the coming weeks, the voting bill will now be prepared ready. The municipal council will inform the population in time about the further basics, which are in progress. This includes in particular the regulations on the advisory board, the organizational regulations, the personnel regulations and the ownership strategy.