High additional costs – What to do??

When the additional service charge payment goes to the cash reserve

A high additional payment for utilities always comes up again and again. It is certainly not one of the pleasant things about self-employment.

But of course, self-employed craftsmen who rent business premises are sometimes just as affected by high additional charges as any other tenant.

Hidden costs that lead to an additional payment, such as the apportionment of modernization, stair or. Building cleaning or also janitor costs can lead in many cases to unexpected additional payments.

At best one has formed reserves for such cases. Who has no financial reserves in such a situation, must seek a solution.

High additional payment for utilities? – Checking claims

A house like this costs a lot of money

House including additional costs costs money

First of all, of course, the unexpectedly high demand for additional payment must be checked for its legality. It is not uncommon for landlords to make mistakes in this regard and demand unjustified additional payments due to incorrect calculation or similar.

In case of doubt, if you are not able to assess the costs yourself, you should seek professional advice to find out about the legitimacy of the claim. In the best case, the problem is solved by itself.

Exploit your own possibilities

First of all, it is obvious to ask for a deferral if you do not have any financial reserves available. If this cannot be granted, one must look for short-term alternatives to raise capital.

There are various options available. First of all, it is obvious to borrow money from relatives / friends. But this is not always possible. Furthermore, some uncomplicated types of credit are available to meet the payment requirements.


A mini-loan is an uncomplicated way to create short-term financial leeway. The amount of the loan is usually limited, also the granted term is relatively short (1-2 months). For financial bottlenecks such as a utility bill, such a loan is therefore a good solution.

Credit from private

Here we do not mean borrowing from friends or relatives, but borrowing money through a so-called peer2peer marketplace. Here private investors are looking for credit seekers and hope for higher returns through lending than through classic forms of investment.

In the best case, such a Peer2Peer loan is a win-win situation. As a rule, this is associated with some waiting time, but is also possible under certain circumstances.

Overdraft facility

The overdraft facility can also be a way to access additional capital in the short term. In most cases, however, the fees incurred are much too high for a comparatively low loan. This should only be used in exceptional cases.

Small loan

Small loans are also characterized by low credit amounts and relatively short terms (12-24 months). The big advantage here is the often very fast granting of credit.

Pawn credit

A pawn credit is, as the name implies, a loan that is given for a pledge. The amount of the loan is based on the value of the pledged object in question. This pledge also serves as collateral; if the pledge is not released within the time granted, it is gone. Therefore one should consider this possibility thoroughly.

More information on these types of loans can be found at the following link, if you want to borrow money on the Internet. Here is an overview of which providers offer quick money lending and how to get away with it as cheaply as possible.