I need 6000 € immediately

In this article you will learn how to quickly get 6000 €. The fastest and best option is a loan. If you can't get a loan from your bank because of a credit record, you don't have to bury your head in the sand.

There are also credit free loans, which are attractive. Although the interest rates are a little higher, but in an emergency, these should also be bearable.

Collateral is more important than Schufa

It is often claimed that Schufa is to blame for people not getting loans or contracts. This is only conditionally true. Of course, the Schufa has a say, but there is always a plan B. If the Schufa is negative, the lender or contractor would like to secure themselves.

That is why securities are usually required. With contracts these are for example pre-payments or with banks guarantees. If you have relatives who would like to help you, but can not provide money, a guarantee may help. Some banks also accept houses or life insurance policies as collateral.

Quick money at the pawnshop

You own a car or expensive jewelry? If you need immediately 6000 € you get there usually quickly help. You bring your items to the pawnshop and can draw them again after a few days, if it is a temporary solution. Ex: "You urgently need to pay a bill, but will not receive your money for two weeks?"So you bridge the time and hardly anything is lost.

There are now many pawnshops and many people take the opportunity to borrow money there at short notice. If you no longer need the items, things are even better for you, then you make a good deal and have no more debts yourself.

Ask the employer for an advance

Many employees are not aware that many companies also approve advances. Surely a good reason must be given here. Large amounts are seldom paid out for personal pleasure. If it's about the electricity bill or a back payment that needs to be settled urgently, the bosses are usually generous. But here you have to calculate well, after all, an advance means that you get paid less salary afterwards.

Tip: Employers are often happy to give employees an advance payment. Especially with good employees, as they are easily tied to the company.

Take jobs on the Internet

A good and serious activity are "mini-jobs" on the Internet. Look for good jobs through platforms or in forums and take advantage of the many possibilities. If you are proficient in the German language and can write good texts, you can earn some money. Many clients are willing to pay advances or you get the money directly after delivery via Paypal.

Jobs of this type are sometimes one of the best in terms of payout speed. For many other activities, sometimes weeks pass before the salary is paid out. Take over small tasks on the web and you will receive the money quite quickly. Of course, this also applies to web projects, graphics, photography, etc. Although it is also necessary here to find the customers, but with a little research work this should not be a problem. Small sums can be realized quickly in any case of emergency.

Text portals also pay out as soon as customers have accepted your texts. Faster it hardly goes where. These are just a few steps that can help if you need 6000 € immediately.