Open a DKB joint account with 2 cards – test & experience

DKB is considered to be one of the leading direct banks in Germany and this despite the fact that it even maintains some branches. The bank is known for its current account DKB Cash, which is completely free of charge and also includes a free credit card.

Why should what is good for one not be the perfect solution as a current account for two as well?

Open a DKB joint account

The most important facts:

  • Two free EC cards (Girocard)
  • Two free Visa credit cards
  • 0,00€ fees
  • Withdraw money free of charge

All details & free account opening: www.dkb.en/community-account

One account, two cards, no fees

Regardless of whether married or in a partnership, the DKB Cash joint account is always suitable if two people want a joint account. It is important to know that both account holders receive one current card and one credit card each – without an annual basic fee. The VISA credit card also functions as a call money account, the credit balance on the credit card account is paid out up to an amount of 100.000 Euro interest accordingly.

Withdraw money free of charge

Cash withdrawals are possible worldwide free of charge with the VISA card. Prerequisite is that the ATM bears the VISA logo. There are no fees for active customers for cash withdrawals outside the euro zone, but those who do not keep their account as an active customer are charged 1.75 percent of the turnover for conversion into euros. The minimum amount for a cash withdrawal is 50 euros. From a regular cash inflow of 700 euros per month, account holders benefit from active customer status. Cash withdrawals with the Girocard are also possible at Rewe, Aldi, etc. etc.

The DKB banking app is not only used to carry out banking transactions. It also makes it possible to block the credit card, receive a push notification when a desired volume of sales is reached, or activate Apple Pay and Google Pay. It follows that contactless payment, beyond the two payment services, is also possible wherever it is offered.

How does it look with interest & Co. from?

As of September, customers receive an interest rate of 0.2 percent per year on their VISA card balance. For the overdraft facility, the annual interest rate is quite favorable at 6.9 percent.


In addition to the free account management, the fee-free credit cards and the attractive interest rates for the overdraft facility, DKB offers its customers even more added value. As part of the two-factor authentication required for online banking since September, customers only need to define their cell phone as a secure device in the DKB banking app to log in without much effort.

Who is behind DKB?

DKB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bayerische Landesbank, headquartered in Berlin. The company was founded in 1990 as the first privately operated credit institution in the GDR. The business model is based on two pillars. In addition to the private customer business, DKB offers public institutions and certain professional groups tailor-made financing and investment solutions. In 2019, it ranked second behind DIBA in terms of customer numbers. In 2016, DKB ranked 16th among the largest banks in Germany.

All details & free account opening: www.dkb.en/community-account

Even if the DKB Cash account is repeatedly awarded in the trade press as the best and most customer-friendly account, one or the other consumer may also know what alternatives are available.

DKB joint account or comdirect?

DKB vs. Comdirect

The comdirect, online subsidiary of Commerzbank with headquarters in Quickborn in northern Germany offers itself as an alternative to DKB. comdirect became really well known through its offensive marketing strategy "50 euros for opening an account and another 50 euros when you close the account again". The 50 euros have also become 75 euros in the meantime with the joint account of comdirect.

The conditions are analogous to those of DKB Bank, but have some small differences. For example, comdirect waives a minimum deposit requirement for certain benefits. The comdirect joint account at a glance: