Interest rate development 2022 – Forecast for the second half of the year

Interest development 2022 - building loan interest in the historical comparison still favorably

The capital market is on the move. After interest rates had remained at historically low levels for almost 10 years, the interest rate development in 2022 shows a surprisingly strong upward trend, which has surprised even all experts. At the beginning of the year 2022 also the respectable commentators meant that building money will settle by the end of the year with maximally 3 per cent. This predicted 3 percent has now already been reached in the middle of the year. Naturally, this raises the question of how the interest rates for building loans will develop in the third quarter. and 4. Further development in the second quarter of 2022.

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Improve your credit score with these credit cards

Anyone can get a bad credit score. And it's hard to get your credit score back on track once it's down. You'll have fewer financial options, especially when it comes to credit cards.

Credit cards can be applied for even if you have a low credit score. If your credit score isn't quite perfect, you can benefit from a credit card designed specifically for people in your situation.

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Bridging payment bottlenecks: instant loans as a solution?

euro man perplexed 564

Who does not know the problem: The personal financial budget is already tight at the end of the month and now of all times an urgent acquisition stands in the house. For example, because the washing machine has unexpectedly broken down or an expensive car repair is pending. If the account is at the limit, this situation seems almost hopeless at first sight.

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Wohn-Riester: How to get the government subsidy for your own home

A house on coins, what is Wohn-Riester?

In principle, the state has an interest in ensuring that as many people as possible make provisions for old age. Because one thing is certain: the statutory pension will only be sufficient in the fewest cases. There are numerous programs to promote private pension provision, including Wohn-Riester (Riester housing subsidy). This subsidy helps you build or buy your own property so you can live rent-free in old age.

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Renovating an apartment: Well planned is half won

An apartment with a section of a picture before a renovation and a section after the renovation

If you want to renovate your home, you should plan this undertaking carefully. Depending on the type of renovation work, everyday life in the apartment is at least temporarily affected. Landlords are obliged to carry out certain renovation work, while tenants need permission if they want to renovate themselves. Owners are also not allowed to carry out any measures that conflict with building law or the protection of historical monuments. What constitutes housing renovation and what needs to be considered from the owner, tenant and landlord side, you can read here.

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How much equity do you need to buy a rented condominium??

When it comes to financing a rental property, we hear time and time again that buyers "for tax reasons" don't want to put down equity or. so little equity ". as absolutely necessary. " want to use. But does it really make sense not to use equity capital? How much of your own money is actually necessary and sensible when buying a rented apartment?

Equity in buying a rental condo shutterstock 404836543

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