Tips and tricks for loans in the start-up phase

Starting up your own business is exciting – and stressful, because many founders are now learning first-hand how tough and malign bureaucracy can be. For the foundation, however, money is also needed, which is not always easy. But what options are actually available for funding the startup?

Bank loans play a rather minor role

Pure bank loans play only a secondary role for founders. There are certainly loans for further education or even start-up loans, but other sources are obviously more important. An overview:

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Top 3 stocks to buy in times of high interest rates

Crispus is a financial analyst at Invezz, covering the stock, cryptocurrency and foreign exchange markets. He is an experienced analyst… read more.

  • The Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates dramatically in 2022
  • Some companies will benefit in this new normal environment
  • BancFirst, Discover Financial and Texas Capital Bank stand to benefit

Interest rates will rise parabolically in the coming months as the Fed tries to lower inflation. In a statement Tuesday, Lael Brainard said the bank is also likely to begin quantitative tightening (QT) as it seeks to reduce its balance sheet. Here are some of the best stocks to buy when interest rates are high.

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Tips, if the income is not sufficient for the loan

Finding ways when the income is not enough for the credit considered. The amount of the family income, as well as a – after deduction of the costs – as safe as possible remaining, high household budget increases the chances of getting a loan approved by a bank, savings bank or intermediary.

After all, nothing serves as collateral to the lender on an unsecured loan like monthly income.

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Important criteria for the loan contract

The loan agreement is the document that contains – or should contain – all aspects related to a loan. But what is particularly important here and on which sticking points should be absolutely paid attention to? The criteria, of course, begin well before the signature, because every borrower should be aware of one thing: Once the ink, whether digital or analog, is dry, that loan agreement applies down to the last detail. But what exactly matters?

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Finance Christmas gifts – what to look out for

Christmas is the festival of love; however, in this day and age, it is also the festival of gift giving. You want to give your loved ones extra nice gifts to please them. However, the cost of the wishes often exceeds one's budget, whether it is new toys for the children, jewelry for the loved one or a shared experience. Fortunately, there is the possibility to finance particularly expensive gifts through a loan. In which cases this is advisable and what you should consider, we show you in this article.

How expensive should Christmas gifts be at all?

Basically, of course, you can never find the right answer for this. Statistically speaking, every German spends around 280 euros on Christmas presents. According to Statista, in turn, it was still 338.90 euros per capita in 2011, whereas in 2019 we are already at 475 euros. Specifically

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