Seven sweet tips for a successful sugar baby

A successful sugar baby is one who leads in a mutually beneficial relationship with a sugar daddy who is her confidant, a mentor, a lover, and a supportive friend.

She is honest and says what she wants. Sets her boundaries and expectations so that she and her sugar daddy spend their time together without misunderstanding and enjoy the relationship.

Here are seven sweet tips to help you become the cutest sugar baby of them all.

Large profile pictures show your sweetest features

A profile picture that captivates one sugar daddy could be copied by the next, so make sure you update your profile picture as often as possible.

What might make a sugar daddy take notice – cute sugar babies. Some may be sexy, some may be demanding. It's all a matter of taste and by changing your profile pictures you can increase your chances of coming across more men.

Start paying attention to what profile pictures are generating the most messages and interest from sugar daddies so you can start building an image database of what the sugar daddies like.

Be visible and available as much as possible

Even if you are not online and actively browsing, keep your profile logged in at all times. Sugar daddies as well as sugar babies to be available, because a serious interest in a sugar baby is more common on RichMeetBeautiful when you are logged in.

Make things easy for your sugar daddy by introducing yourself

Sugar daddies are important and intelligent men who usually don't have time to look for sugar babies who might have the mistake of playing the game of cat and mouse. All you will do if you play hard is damage the relationship, waste his time and lose his interest.

Use your initiative and reach out to sugar daddies whose profiles you have enjoyed. Send a short and sweet message introducing yourself, comment on a quality you liked about him and invite him to respond. Proactive is attractive to busy men.

Keep your sweet stuff safe

The first steps into Candyland can tarnish the sweetness of always not knowing if you've been polite enough and when to push back if a potential sugar daddy makes you feel uncomfortable.

While manners are everything, it's important to remember that caution should always be exercised when interacting with people online. RichMeetBeautiful has a team of security experts available 24/7 to help you if you ever suspect a profile isn't real or you feel like the sugar daddy you're chatting with isn't playing by the rules.

Be sweet but straightforward

Experienced sugar babies will tell you to take it slow with your sugar daddy dates and let him set the tone if you decide to spend time together and feel it's a potential match. That said, take a moment to sort out your expectations. Relationships between sugar daddies and sugar babies are considered successful when they are mutually beneficial and both get what they want from them.

Think about how much time you can devote to your sugar daddy, how often are you willing to meet, will you want to travel ..? Are you looking for gifts, cash or help paying off student loans?

Be honest and talk to the sugar daddy in advance about why you are interested in the relationship. He appreciates your transparent approach and will also be able to feel good about improving an ambitious young woman's life.

Take your time to find the right one

It is really important that you remain yourself when looking for a sugar daddy. Not every sugar daddy wants the stereotype of a sugar baby – that's right, we're talking short skirts, tight dresses and 6-inch heels. If you're a mischievous college girl, a sexy siren who loves to seduce, a fun-loving flirt, or the girl-next-door, let that be known!

There's a sugar daddy out there for every girl, and it's important to take your time and find the sugar daddy that's interested in you. There's no point arguing in Louboutin and Balmain if it's not your speed. Let your personality make the game!

Put sugar daddies' schedules first

It seems a little unfair sometimes, but it's important to always put your sugar daddy's schedule and priorities above your own. Wealthy older men are often busy and committed, business takes precedence over pleasure – but when they have time to shower, you will need attention.

Think of yourself as a reliable sugar baby – and always understand if he needs to change plans at the last minute. This is a mutually beneficial relationship and your job is to be flexible and understand that you are important to him, among one of his priorities.