Starting a business: tips for self-employment

Many decide to end their unemployment and start a business themselves. Some have a brainstorm for a product they want to market. And still others want to finally realize a long-cherished dream and found their own startup. Business startup tips are in high demand, especially in the early stages.

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No matter what the motivation behind starting a business, new entrepreneurs face many challenges and struggle with the same questions and problems: Will my business be a success?? How can I raise the financial investment? How to get skilled personnel? Where to start?

Business founders undoubtedly have many construction sites. Professional advice on starting a business can help you set your priorities right, take advantage of subsidy programs and put your new company on a solid foundation. Read our startup tips for your successful start in self-employment here!

Rely on a well thought-out concept!

As boring as it may sound, the start-up phase is largely determined by planning. A simple business idea is not enough to start a functioning company. Therefore, plan your start-up in detail and keep everything in writing. If you can see the individual stages of your start-up in black and white in front of you, you can orient yourself to them and always keep the goal in mind, even in difficult phases.

Keep in mind that your new business should be different from the competition. What sets you apart? Determine your unique selling proposition early on. But what good is a great product or an innovative service if no one finds out about it?? Therefore, think about how you can attract customers to your company. Also important: How can you show the positive attributes of your business to others?

Make sure you have solid financing!

At the beginning of a business start-up, one would probably prefer to ignore the tiresome topic of money. Since however no way leads past the topic finances, one should rather deal with it in time before the actual business startup.

How would you like to finance the company?? Can you financially manage the start-up phase and survive difficult periods financially? There are various models for financing your business start-up. On the one hand you can use savings. On the other hand you can look for financially strong investors. Taking out a loan or taking advantage of subsidy programs from the state is also an option. For the latter however exact conditions apply, which cannot fulfill each business startup.

However you want to finance your new business – in any case you should make sure from the beginning to keep the accounting up to date. Create an Excel spreadsheet to record income and expenses even before you start your business, or use a special accounting program. If you have enough capital, you can also hire a worker for the bookkeeping at the beginning. Hire an external service provider.

Maintain flexibility!

From your point of view, you probably have the best product or service. the best service, but customers often see it differently. Ask customers specifically for feedback, especially in the start-up phase. Maybe one or the other detail really needs to be optimized. Despite your enthusiasm for your new business, you should always remain flexible, take suggestions for improvement and advice from others seriously and question your concept. It may even turn out after some time that your planned monetization concept is not working. Then rethinking is in demand. Too many founders of new businesses persist too long in their original plan and thereby miss opportunities.

Build an entrepreneurial personality!

Since many founders have to pay attention to their finances in the beginning, they will cut corners in their new business. In itself a reasonable thing. Nevertheless, make sure that you perceive yourself as an entrepreneur, because only as an entrepreneur you will be able to act accordingly towards others. If you set up a work corner in your living room and cycle to business appointments, you may save money, but you will often unconsciously feel "inferior" to your customers or business partners. If you must keep the euro in the eye with your business startup, you should pay attention at least for a professional appearance with appropriate clothes, visiting cards or the like.

Take a break!

Business start-up is an endurance run and not a sprint. If you go full throttle while neglecting yourself and your social environment, you'll quickly burn out or put your health at risk. Rest periods are a must for fresh entrepreneurs or self-employed people. Refuel in nature, do sports in your free time and spend time with your family!

Have perseverance and patience!

With many existence founders the enthusiasm decreases relatively fast after the first time. You may have imagined the success of your new company to be greater or the development to be more rapid. However, when starting a business, patience and perseverance are required. This does not mean, of course, that you should continue undeterred even when the numbers are deep red. However, it is also not advisable to throw in the towel too quickly.

Fill gaps in your knowledge!

No entrepreneur has ever fallen from the sky. Business start-ups need to be learned. Courses and further training in the area of business start-ups prepare you in the best possible way for your project and accompany you step by step. Those who have already started their business can deepen special topics in seminars and thus gain know-how.

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